year of the dragon

YEAR OF THE DRAGON is a 5 Piece Beast from LOS ANGELES, CA!

YEAR OF THE DRAGON blends Metal, Funk, and Punk into molten rock that sets souls on fire and gets bodies moving! YOTD features the unique vocal delivery of DIRTY WALT and the spitfire roar of FLYIN’ JAY from legendary Alternative Ska/Funk/Punk band FISHBONE.  This double trouble vocal powerhouse tag teams audiences with blows of lyrical devastation!  The band features the chunk and shred of Marc Rey on guitar, the Bootsy-esque punk-thump of T-Bone on bass, and the greasy double-kick grooves of Kerim Imes on drums.  When YEAR OF THE DRAGON takes flight, they incinerate the false, leaving clouds of smoke behind!  Or, as DIRTY WALT would say, “We gonna burn your face off!”