1. Fly or Die

From the recording Take Control

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Fly or Die

Fly or Die

Verse 1 (Jay):
I don’t need no introduction you know who the fuck I am 
You know you follow my ass on fuckin instagram 
I only know the epitome of being me 
I’ll never be a slave to your society   
You don’t know what it takes to be fly to death 
Material bull shit don’t make you fucking fresh 
That watch and chain will last longer than ya weak body 
So understand  people are a hot commodity!

Chorus (Dirty Walt & Jay):
I’m so fresh you can smell me through a ziplock 
Snoop dogg said you could drop it like it’s hiz ot 
Hopped off the plane gettin high again 
I just touched down but I'm still Flyin 
I’m a rider 
From the womb to the tomb survivor  
Look in the sky it’s a bird it’s a plane
No it’s year of the dragon 
Recognize the fucking name

Verse 2 (Dirty Walt):
1 and a 2 and a 3 too the 4,
It’s Dirty Walt stepping fly through the door,
Kids always ask how do I stay fresh,
Boy wash your ass and put um to the test,
I’m fly and I have no doubt,
Come to the jam yeah Dragon turned it out,
Dragon how do you fly so high,
Smell that Dirty OG as I fly by


Bridge (Dirty Walt & Jay):
Fly or die just fly or die
Fly or die just fly I I I 
Fly or die just fly or die 
Fly or die just fly I I I