1. Take Control

From the recording Take Control

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Take control  


Chorus (Dirty Walt & Jay)
You’ve got to take control (Take Control)
Before you lose your soulllll (Lose your soul) x 2

Verse 1(Jay):
Fuckin fakes smiling in my face 
While I entertain these bitches in every single state 
behind the scenes bullshit takes place 
Got the devil on my shoulder and my mind starts to race 
I lack all the faith 
Cuz I’m used to my prayers never taking shape 
So I sin again and again 
Waiting for the cycle to finally reach the end 

Pre-Chorus (Dirty Walt & Jay):
You’ve got to take controllll (Take Control)
Before you lose your soul( lose your soul) 
You’ve got to take control (take control) 
Both: before you lose your soul

Chorus X 2

Verse 2 (Jay):
futuristic flow 
Getting better with time
Each and every rhyme 
I dropped a bomb 
Call it the payload 
Shittt a nigga need to get paid yo 
Hey ho 
You know what you came fo
listen up close and do as I say so 
Ain’t no predetermined outcome 
So don’t leave here asking me how come? 

Take control 
Take control 
Take control
Gotta take control x 4 

Bass solo 

Chorus x 2

Verse 3 (Dirty Walt)
Hands down never gonna lose,
Won’t catch me out singing the blues,
Can’t die too high laughing at your ass,
While you spread your lies,
Too mean to lean you’ll never run the team,
This dragons bold and too old,
You’ll never take control.