1. Destroy Us All

From the recording Take Control

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Destroy Us All

Chorus (Dirty Walt & Jay):
Destroy us all (destroy us all)

Verse 1 (Jay):
Sorry to keep you waiting 
The Dragon is back after a long vacation 
Turn this muthafucka up and worship Satan! 
Ain't no turning back
Death is sick of waiting
It's clear to me
We can't live free 
From the constructs of society 
There's no set plan 
Don't you understand 
Educate retaliate don't blame the man! 
When the end comes 
Prepare yourself 
You die alone 
With nobody else 
We shall all return to nothingness 
Nobody knows when
Ignorance is bliss! 
Now pucker up and kiss your ass goodbye 
Get ready cause it's time to dieeeeeee


Verse 2 (Jay):
Will it be death 
By cataclysm? 
Giant meteor decided we should stop livin?
I bet You won't have your sins forgiven
Don't worry bout the next nigga 
Mind ya business
Beg for mercy and maybe you'll get it
What's that smell? Is that you who just shitted? 
Are you afraid? 
Shakin in your boots? 
Need to man up! 
Be prepared to shoot! 
They aimin at you! 
They On the hunt! 
Shit but I don't give a fuck 
While I smoke this blunt 
Pray you don't bleed like a fucking cunt
Is your savior the one that you really want? 
Invoke your god's name hope he hears your call 
Just know that they will be the one to destroy us all 

Bridge (Dirty Walt): 
Sick and tired of the bullshit 
Got me looking crazy like the bloods and the crips 
Yeah you’re ready to die 
Gunshot in ya eye


Dirty Walt & Jay:

Die muthafucka die muthafucka die!


Verse 3 (Jay):
You're dyin 
They're lyin 
Truth ain't what they supplyin 
Stop buying 
Start denyin 
Fake facts it's time to react 
Don't slack 
Stray from the pack
You will never destroy us all