1. Hammertowe

From the recording Take Control

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Justice of the peace and he will never let you go

Verse 1 (Dirty Walt):
Right when you thought you got away with it,
The crimes you commit ain't forgiven,
If there's real justice you shouldn't be living,
Anarchy law Hammertowe is serving,
Verse 1 (Jay)

Stop and frisk 
Is bullshit  
can't preach from the fuckin pulpit
No problems for the rich  
Resist!!  And 
Watch the muthafuckas pull shit
Or be their bitch
Just another hoe turning tricks 
Getting slapped by a pimp 
Petty rednecks 
Sending death threats 
Is that your best bet?


Verse 2 (Dirty Walt):

Fate, now you feel like a fucking king, 
Fate, untouchable stealing clean,
Fate, this shit it can't go on, 
Fate, kids start singing the Hammer song,

(Jay) Verse 2:
Fuck what you heard 
And  fuck what you saw 
It's martial law 
Stay quick on the draw 
It's gettin raw! 
Only real niggas by my side 
If you wit us let's ride!
Here come the executioner 
Body cameras off then they start shootin ya 
Guilty as charged Life imprisonment
Throw away the key fuck you citizens 

Chorus X 2

Silence in my court room,
Yes this is a court room,
This is the place where this young idiot,
The idiot that's been scaring the children,
The idiot that's been scaring the women, 
The idiot that's been disrespecting the men,
This idiot will pay for his disrespect,
Of everyone in the city,
This time the men, the women, and the children,
Are sick and tired of your disrespect,
So now since the government always lets you go, 
We will not let you go,
We will take you to another place, 
Another time because this is real justice,
Of Hammertowe,
You have to choose, you choose to leave this town and never came back and I mean never,
Or it's Hammer time, 
Hammer time is what I want,
Hammer time is what the kids want,
Hammer time is what everybody in this city needs,
I am Hammertowe and says,

Chorus X 4