From the recording Take Control

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Fitz N Startz

Intro (Jay):
They’re blind to their disguise 
Pay attention it’s time to analyze! 
A million pairs of eyes 
Closed cause they’re hypnotized 

Verse 1 (Jay):
Will they remember you for mixing coke with Hennessy 
Or will you be like Dr. King 
Will you leave behind a great legacy 
Come together lift every voice and sing? 
It was all created from nothing 
But one day it all must end! 
A new year passes the future is reached 

Chorus (Dirty Walt & Jay):
So cherish the moments that you’re here my friendddddd
Til the enddddd 
My friendddddd
In the enddddddd

Verse 2 (Dirty Walt):
Don’t put your faith into decepticons they want to leave you on the streets unarmed,
Right when you see a spark of light,
They will put it out,
Keep trying to reach the fucking finish line,
Old cleats are fucking up my time,
I will push through,
This shit ain’t new,
Look at this old fool, 
Creep down the avenue,
I can’t stop though I’m crazy as hell, 
All my life I’ve been trying to ring that bell, 
Ring that bell just so I can be free,
Crazy Ass eyes over there looking at me,


Verse 3 (Dirty Walt):
Now the fuse is lit ready to blow up, 
All because you didn’t give a fuck,
Open up your eyes, we can not be stopped,
Just a gift to civilization as we tear up the fucking nation,
As we told you, 
This shit won’t do,
Now you boohoo,
We say fuck you,