1. Damn Shame

From the recording Take Control

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Damn Shame 


Verse 1 (Jay):
Listen muthafuckas lend me ya ears 
I'm bout to make this shit sound so clear 
From the top of the dome 
To the microphone 
I'm rappin real fierce with no sign of fear 
What you know about Garvey and Burning Spear
Induced lunatics full of hallucinogenic 
They call us thugs but it's never been simplistic 
Like being a parent of a child that's born autistic 

No yin without the yang 
No teeth without the fangs  
Through the fire and the flames 
This life ain’t no fucking game 
Don’t be a victim of the abuse 
You must realize the truth 
clear skies in front of you 
Examine the crews & look for fools 

Verse 2 (Dirty Walt):
Grew up in the hood insane,
Whole neighborhood loved to bang,
At the time could of used my brain,
No way out that was simple and plain,
The world we had to see,
To know what we could truly be,
Bring up new societies,
Brand new future for all my seeds

(Dw): Fire and the flames
(Jay):By going through some thangs you will truly see 
(Dw): Life is not a game 
(Jay: So many end up living in misery 
(Dw): Fire and the flames 
(Jay):Ain’t nothing perfect and that’s because 
(Dw)it’s a damn shame 
(Jay):We all will die so let’s get high with the 
(Dw):Fire and the flames 
(Jay):We struggle and strife but I know this life will 
(Dw):End and start again 
(Jay): I’ll see you next lifetime

Bridge (both):
Ah ah ahhhhhh
Ahh ahhhhh
Ahhh ahhhhh 
Ah ah ahhhh 
Ah ah ahhhhh
Ahhh ahhhh 
Ahh ahhhhhhhh

Guitar solo