1. The Wreckoning

From the recording Take Control

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The Wreckoning 

Intro (Jay)
The Wreckoning is here!

Chorus (DW&Jay)
Welcome to the Wreckoning 
Welcome to your Wreckoning
Welcome to the Wreckoning 
Welcome to the Wreckoninggggg

Verse 1 (Dirty Walt):
We want justice 
They never trust it
Bells keep ringing in my ears 
Now we have no fear 

Your whole life has been a lie 
You wants revenge before you die 
Rough ass world for you and I 
Gunpowder stays nice and dry 
The hour glass shows the time 
Gotta send yo ass to the divine 
You gotta laugh when you cry 

Wanna take yo head off with the spine 


Verse 2 (Dirty Walt):

Who’s the toughest 
The muthafuckin roughest 
Time ain’t on yo side 
Grab yo shit lets ride 

Sound the alarm it’s going down 
Beat yo chest to the sound 
The revolution’s starting now 
Starting in every fucking town 
Grab yo shit lets go 
Gotta stay up on yo toes 
Can’t take this shit no more 
this devilish muthafucka has gotta go!!

Breakdown (DW&Jay):

Who’s that one 
Who’s got your fear up 
Who’s that one 
Who’s got you scared 
Who’s that one 
With the authority 
Who’s that one 
The Wreckoning is here!

Verse 3(Jay):

Everybody wanna be a nigga but don’t wanna be a nigga
Especially when they behind the barrel of that trigger
We came to wreck 
Straight fucking up ya set 
Breaking yo neck 
It’s time for you to show us some respect 
it’s that fire!! 
Ya burning with desire 
Get ready to expire 
A direct hit 
It’s so effective
All up in your solar plexus 
Hope you got an advance directive