1. Simple Man

From the recording Take Control

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Simple Man


Dirty Walt:
I’m just a simple man
Tryna live my life 
I’m just a simple man

Verse 1:

Get up in the morning 
Wipe the sleep from my eyes then I’m yawning 
Head to the kitchen get the coffee percolatin 
Roll a blunt smoke it up while I’m waiting 
Get a shower get dressed start my day 
I’m on a mission to keep the stress away 
Still happy my ass has got employment 
After 5, I can still get enjoyment 

Chorus (Jay & Dirty Walt):

Bounce rock roller skate always stay in suckafree man it feels so great 
I’m a Simple Mannnnn
I’m a Simple Mannnn 

All I need is a blunt maybe 3 or 4 
Grab some nugs out the jar cause it’s time to roll  
I’m a Simple Mannnn 
I’m a Simple Mannnn

Verse 2 (Dirty Walt):
Saturday I’m rollin through the hood 
To catch the OG’s and see what’s good 
Skating rink in the am 
And then the park 
Throw a barbecue hangin there until the dark 
Sipping on E&J and orange juice 
A nigga’s feeling all kinds of bulletproof 
See a freak! 
Maybe I can get my way 
I’m havin one hell of a day 
I must say 

Year of the dragon setting fire to the grease 
You know we blowin nothing but that Dirty OG
I’m a Simple Mannnn 
I’m a Simple Mannnn 
If you bout that simple life chuck the deuce one time 
Play the record loud and expand yo mind 
I’m a Simple Mannnn 
I’m a Simple Mannnn 
I’m a Simple Mannnn 
I’m a Simple Mannnn  
I’m a Simple Mannnn 
I’m a Simple Mannnnnnnn

Guitar solo 

Breakdown (Dirty Walt & Jay):
Love going fishing (that’s me)
Do a little sleep in 
Which one of y’all drinking 
Slapping bones with good friends 
Party til the morning 
I’m rollin blunts with my homies 
Looking for all ladies 
Doin dances from the 80’s 

Na na naaaaa 
Na na naaaa na na
Na na naaaaa
Na na naaaa na na 
Na na naaaa
Na na naaa na na
Na na naaa 
Na na naaa naaaa